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August 19-22–Welcome Back to School!

August 15, 2019 by Amy O'Flaherty


For your reference, here is the link to the Back to School Night presentation:

Happy first week of school everyone! I am so excited to get busy and have a fantastic year.  Here are some reminders and a brief outline of our first week together:

This is the place where you will find all relevant information regarding homework, due dates, quiz and test dates, reminders, etc. I will post at the beginning of every week. 

Parents, please sign all of the papers from the white binders and return them (and the binder) with your child as soon as possible. If you didn’t make it to Back to School Night, your child will receive their binder on Monday. 

Students need to be ready to choose elective this Monday morning! They should have their top 4–I’m really hoping kiddos get their first choices, but there are no guarantees. Please refer to the email sent out by the school regarding what electives are offered. You also received a print out of them, along with a description, at Back to School Night. 

Outline of the week:

7th Grade Reading: Students will organize their composition books and supplies, begin reading Good Fit Books, learn about specific types of figurative language and then make posters depicting them, and read about and listen to stories related to current events. In between all of this, we are planning to give them their reading and language MAPS beginning of year assessments on Wednesday and Thursday. If we have time we will introduce students to Flocabulary’s “Week in Rap”, which is what we use to teach current events. 

7th Grade Writing: To start, students will organize their writing materials and begin with some short journal entries. They will create a “mini me”, which will be a card stock representation of them. Students will be allowed to decorate them and use any materials they want. They will also write a descriptive paragraph to go along with it. These will be displayed all year, so we work pretty hard on them and make sure the paragraphs are reflective of their best work. Kids will take language MAPS test on Thursday.

8th Grade Reading: So excited to have these kids back for another year! We will start by reviewing figurative language and getting back into “The Week in Rap”. Students will choose their Good Fit Books and begin building stamina on day one. It’s going to be really important this year for students to read as many books as possible. Students will take the reading MAPS test on Wednesday of this week.

8th Grade Writing: Students will begin working on stamina with journal writing. We will do some TRIBES activities together and start off strong! Students will review types of sentences, compound subjects and predicates, and a few other standards. They will take the language MAPS test on Thursday of this week.

Projects: This semester we will focus on science and our first unit is on the structures and process of cells. Students will learn about animal and plant cells, and be able to explain the different functions of organelles within cells. Our final project for this unit is a good one! More on that later. 🙂

Homework for August 19-22

7th and 8th Grade–Fill out reading log and be ready to show it on Monday morning, August 26th. No parent signature is required this  year. 

See you bright and early Monday morning!