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A Million Words or Less

August 14, 2019 by Miss Morrison

Hello, Families!

I am thrilled to have your child in my class this year! I am very excited to get started. I would love to have an open line of communication between home and school. After all, we now have something very special in common- your child! You are your child’s first teacher and you know them better than anyone else. I would love to start the year out with a glimpse of who your child really is. What makes them so amazing? What do they struggle with? What are their hobbies or special interests?

I am asking you to write or email me about your child in a million words or less. If we were able to sit down over coffee and chat about your child, what do you want me to know? This letter is for me only. It can help give me a deeper understanding of your child. I will learn a lot about your child as we spend time together, but why wait?

Please know that I will not be judging your writing. I don’t care about your spelling and grammar. I care about what you have to say. 

 If you would like a bit more structure here are some example things you could tell me about:

  • What are your child’s strengths/weaknesses?

  • Does your child have any fears or health problems?

  • Has your child had any events or life experiences that make their life unique?

  • How does your child show frustration or anger?

  • What expectations do you have for your child this year?

  • What does your child enjoy doing outside of school?

  • Tell me about some of your child’s favorites-such as foods, color, animals.

These are just some ideas. You are not limited to them nor do you have to answer all of them. Remember it can be as long or as short as you want. Share with me whatever you would like to share. 

 Thank you so much for sharing your child with me and for taking the time to tell me about your child!


Miss Morrison