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8th Grade Math Info. 8/20/19

August 20, 2019 by Jill Rosario

 1.  Practice and Problem Solving assignments are Classwork.  Students will complete those assignments in class only.  For example, if they didn’t finish 1-1 Prac. and Prob. Solving today, they will get more class time.

2.  Additional Practice assignments ARE HOMEWORK.  These are completed outside of the math classroom. For example, tonight’s HW is 1-1 Additional Practice.

3.  Summer Math:  All students should have their summer math completed.  I am COLLECTING IT THIS THURSDAY.  We are spending a few days working some problems that they would like to work together before we turn it in.

Your 8th grade math students did awesome today!  They adapted to the online book really well.  I’m proud of them!