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2nd Semester, Week 3

February 11, 2019 by Julie Stockard

This week in English class, all students will take the MAPs test to measure their academic growth in reading and language skills. This is an individualized test that gives valuable information on how to help each student improve. Now that the college research papers are complete, the 9th graders will start reading The Red Badge of Courage this week. We will focus on the theme, symbolism, and effective uses of figurative language as we read this classic from the Literary Realism era in American literature. We will also select vocab words from the text for a quiz next week. 10th graders are finishing up reading Hamlet and will start working on a combined research project with content from their Government class. They will write one paper that they will use for both classes, with areas of emphasis from each class’ content standards. This can be a challenging assignment in the beginning when students are looking for quality information, but this is a time when students really improve in their writing skills. Have a great week!