8th Grade Projects

Week of October 7th

Several groups will be presenting their body system posters next week due to absences. Five groups presented today and students were given notetakers after each presentation. Students need to be studying for the final test using the notetakers, their spiral notebooks, and quizlet. The test was originally planned for Monday, October 7th, but has been moved to October 10th so that all groups can present before the test. Please make sure that your child is studying and filling out the...

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Week of 9/30/19

Students are wrapping up their body system posters and creating/practicing their presentations. All groups will present on Thursday, October 3rd. Students will be given a study guide today. Students will use this study guide to prepare for their final test on Monday, October...

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The Week of September 23

Ms. Rosario is joining us this week. Students are building their body system poster this week and starting to work on their presentation on Thursday. They will present on October 2 and take a final test October...

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