Week 23

February 2, 2020

Week 13

November 18, 2019

Ancient World History – This week we will finish presentations of the group projects. The books the students have put together on their ancient civilization are amazing. We will finish out the week before Fall and Thanksgiving break covering The Persian Empire and Unification of China....

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Week 12

November 12, 2019

Ancient World History: We are busy completing our group projects on the chosen ancient civilizations. The students have been working hard on these and will do formal presentations of their projects during class blocks on Thursday, November 14th. American Government: The students are busy...

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Week 11

October 28, 2019

Ancient World History: We started this week with a quiz over Chapter 3 in our textbook covering the Indo-Europeans and civilizations in the Mediterranean. Students will be introduced to the rise of Empires through the remainder of the week. Group projects will be worked on Tuesday and Thursday....

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Week 10

October 22, 2019

This week in Ancient World History we will be covering The Minoan, Phoenician and Israelite civilizations. Students will continue to work on their group project which is on an ancient civilization of their choice as a group. This week in American Government we will cover the Constitutional...

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