The First American Sport

  • Tuesday, Jan 10, 2016

Registration for boys high school lacrosse (varsity and JV) is now available. Please read the instructions carefully, as there have been several changes from previous seasons.

First, as you register, it is important that you select the correct answer regarding helmets. If you purchased a Bighorns uniform helmet last season and it is still in safe condition, make sure you select the option that you already own a helmet (this will reduce your registration fees).

Second, we are no longer requiring you to register with the High Sierra Lacrosse League to play. We will transfer your registration to the league from our end, and your league dues are now incorporated into your signup fee. Hopefully, streamlining this system will result in less confusion.

Third, it is important that you select your correct size for uniforms in your registration. For all players signed up by January 12th, we will ensure that you get your number from last season. If you sign up after January 12th, we will still attempt to get your number, but we cannot guarantee it. Oasis Academy has switched to reusable uniforms, rather than ones bought by the players. The result is a very nice looking uniform, but with less flexible customization options.

Finally, we will hold varsity tryouts on February 25th. If you do not make the varsity team, you will be assigned to the JV team. NO ONE will be "cut" from the program, and every registered player will still get to play.

Please note that the High Sierra Lacrosse League has aligned our schedule with the NIAA, so we are starting later than you are used to. The official start date is February 25th.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Keitz at his email address or visit the lacrosse website.